Liminal Existence


Most of the Twitter team’s work in the weeks leading up to launching Blocks was to ensure that it wouldn’t fall over as soon as we released it. It’s an extremely punishing application, loading 10 timelines on every occasion that someone looks at it. So far, the servers haven’t even noticed.

There have been a number of Twitter hiccups in the past few weeks, but they’ve all been weird, random bugs. Which is not to make excuses, but rather to say that in spite of (very time-consuming) challenges along the way, we’ve been myopically focused on making the site faster and more reliable. As evidence, here’s a graph of page load times, as seen from an external observer:

Twitter Load Times, as monitored by an external observer, over the past month.

We’re going to keep building a faster and more reliable Twitter. We’re also going to add some awesome new features, and soon. Possibly better than contact search and GMail, even! Finally, we’ll have more visualizations from the Stamen folks. Britt is off to Berlin for RailsConf mid-September. We’ll then have more details about what we’re doing to push Rails and Twitter.