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These Are the People ...

Folly: “In architecture, a folly is an extravagant, frivolous or fanciful building, designed more for artistic expression than for practicality.” – via Tom Coates, by way of Tom Carden.

We just released Twitter Blocks, a nice little visualisation done by the good folks at Stamen Design. It’s fun! Go play!

Stamen’s recent work highlights the playfulness inherent to Twitter. I can’t wait to release more of these interfaces, and hope that it inspires similar work. Sam Ruby, Tim Bray and others have recently weighed in with their long bets. I’m willing to put down that playfulness — of the sort that Stamen, Schulze & Webb and Jane McGonigal explore and invent daily — is so important to who we are as people that the tech world won’t be able to ignore it for much longer.

Not exactly a risky bet, but too often the tech industry just ignores these things, so there it is, just for kicks.