Liminal Existence

FoWA Miami Rocked.

I’ve been busy getting [Twitter] ready for SXSW, and have completely failed at email and, well, everything except work, since then. Before I actually land get drunk in Austin, I wanted to make a quick post about how great FoWA Miami was.

After giving my workshop, I attended Joe’s workshop on scalability, which was an amazingly thorough discussion, and I highly recommend attending anything that Joe does in the future (including the panel that he, Cal, and others are on at SxSW. I didn’t catch many of the session talks on Friday, as I spent much of my time talking to attendees, but the “Building a Web App in 45 minutes” panel was a fun experiment, and both Cal and Gary were energetic, brilliant, amazing, all that good stuff. If you get a chance to see either of them speak, don’t pass it up. Especially Gary, as you’re likely to get free wine, even if he makes you eat dirt beforehand.

I had some hiccups during the demo / discussion portion of my workshop, but the first part went well, I think, and I’m looking forward to some great applications that incorporate Jabber soon. My talk, “Bringing your web app to the masses” went well, except for the part where Twitter went down in the middle of it, and I got a call from work (which I waited until after the talk to answer).

Some heckling ensued, but I was happy to be able to address the audience’s questions about Twitter in an open and honest way. The atmosphere that Carsonified has managed to foster at FoWA helped a ton.

Mel, Ryan, Lisa, Keir, and Elliot did a fantastic job organizing everything, and Tantek and Brian put together an amazing lineup of speakers and workshops. Seriously inspiring stuff.

If they’ll have me, I’ll definitely be going to any conferences they hold in the future. They’ve come a long way since the FoWA San Francisco in Fall 2006, and it looks like they’ll just keep getting better.